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Trine Falbe Larsen (DK)

International Business Academy, Lecturer in interaction design, UX and UI design

Trine Falbe teaches user interface design and user experience design at the Multimedia Designer Program at IBA Kolding in Denmark. Trine is also a UX consultant and has been working with the internet since 2001. Occasionally you can find her speaking at conferences around Europe.

[10:45] UX Design, User Centric Design - and why it matters to your design process AND your business

#UX #User centered design #User research

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In this talk you will get a thorough introduction to the field of User Experience Design. You will learn how to lead your design process with a User Centric mindset to create great user experiences for your users. And you will learn why UX is not only for designers and developers - that it is in fact a very smart business strategy.

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