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Ramune Norkute (LT)

Idea Code, CEO

Ramune is CEO of Idea Code user experience consulting, research and design company. Ramune approaches usability and UX topics from a cross-disciplinary background of business, psychology and IT. She is an advocate of iterative user centered design aimed at creating value to customers. She has consulted with companies such as Swedbank, TeliaSonera Group, Swedish Trade Council, a number of Lithuanian governmental organizations.
Ramune’s previous work experience covers IBM Global Business Services, SEB Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting. Ramune holds Psychology degree from Vilnius University and International Economics and Business degree from Stockholm School of Economics.

[12:00] Case study: UX Methodology Design for Public E-services in Lithuania

#Case study #UX in Lithuania #E-services #Public sector

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When it comes to e-service user experience, public organizations have to do better. Laws can make people declare income and pay taxes, but laws won’t make them do it online. At least not yet. Only an easy-to-use digital service can do that.
Learning to design e-services around real customer needs is a big challenge. To address it, Information Society Development Committee initiated a development of E-Services UX Methodology in Lithuania. This case study is about the process and results of E-Services UX Methodology development.

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