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Mo Syed (UK)

Amplience, Head of User Experience

Mo Syed is Head of User Experience at ecommerce merchandising platform vendor Amplience. He is a regular speaker on conversion and UX for ecommerce at a variety of industry fora including events held by Internet Retailing, The IMRG and E-Commerce UK. He has also spoken at UX People 2012, London.

Mo has been researching, and designing interactive experiences for a range of brands including M&S, Vodafone, Premier Inn, Barclaycard, Mercedes-Benz, Thomson Reuters and BP; agency, in-house and in startup land. He has a research background in Psychology and loves knowing what makes your customers tick.

[09:30] Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce

#Psychology #E-commerce #UX

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The design of your eCommerce experience is a key driver in conversion. Online retailers often ignore the opportunity to unlock sales performance through better design. This talk will explore how to simply and consistently build a process to do this within your teams and realise the full sales potential of your product and brand in digital channels.

We will examine what goes on in your customers’ heads from before they land on your site through to payment. We will show you how to capture, analyse and understand these patterns of behaviour and then produce a design in a transparent and repeatable way. This will allow you to improve customer engagement and sales performance, whilst reducing returns and confusion.

We will dissect not only good, but also bad examples of all the major design parts of an ecommerce site looking at flows all the way down to individual elements on a page. Designing for mobile and tablet will be considered in terms of sales impact and design and technology approaches will be considered.

[13:45] Workshop: Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce

#E-commerce #Design #UX

This workshop will walk through all the common parts of an ecommerce site:
• homepage, 
• campaign specific landing pages, 
• category and lister pages,
• product detail pages,
• checkout process,

Together we will redesign lots of examples to improve experience and sales performance. We will look at examples covering common pitfalls and best practice so you can identify and create the elements that deliver a good experience. Delivering a consistent experience for mobile and tablet will be considered and we will look at how this effects sales in the real world through a responsive design approach.


Talk and workshop outcomes:
• Have a psychological model to help understand why users behave the way they do in your digital channels,
• Understand the most practically applicable research for ecommerce design,
• Be able to use web analytics and a variety of data sources to objectively and sustainably guide design,
• Know how to plan and design an A/B and multivariate test,
• Have clear design case studies of what works and what doesn’t work for conversion,
• Be able to improve the design of all the key screens that make up a shopping experience on the web,
• You will be able to clearly identify what good design on mobile looks like and how to get there (using native and responsive/adaptive design),
• You’ll be able to frame your next pitch in a way that will focus on creating real customer value.

Leave at the end of the day with clear paths to improve customer engagement and sales.

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