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Līga Lētiņa (LV)

Cube Systems, Senior User Experience Architect

Liga Letina is one of the few Usability and User Experience professionals in Latvia. She is a local User Experience design evangelist currently holding a User Experience Architect position in Cube Systems. Liga has done user and usability research, designed information architecture and user interfaces for such leading local companies as LMT, DNB bank, Elektrum, The State Land Service and others.

[13:45] Workshop: Hands on Usability testing methods

#User testing #Reasearch methods

This workshop will walk through the jungle of different usability and user testing methods, helping to pick the right one for your design process stage:
• analysis and requirement gathering,
• designing,
• building,
• testing the working system or application.

We will look at the test planing, the considerations how to identify the right user groups and the right scenarios to test. You will be involved in a role-play, with possibility to be on both sides - test moderator and the test participant role. You will also learn how to notice the usability issues and analyze the success rate of users, completing their tasks. You will walk away with some handy tools that will help you in future make decisions on how to improve your web or app user experience and sales.

[16:15] Case study: Building an Online Banking User Experience in Latvia

#Case study #UX in Latvia #Reasearch methods

View Līga Lētiņa presentation on Slideshare

DNB Online banking redesign is among the latest user interface redesigns in Latvia’s finance sector. The new DNB Online banking system was built locally based on extensive user research and user-centered approach. Liga will walk you through the UX case study, share the used techniques and methodologies, as well as lessons learned and knowledge gained. You will learn how UX design approach is beneficial for local web and user interface design projects and find ideas regarding how to apply these methods and techniques in your projects.

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