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Mo Syed (UK)

Amplience, Head of User Experience

[09:30] Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce

#Psychology #E-commerce #UX

Increase sales and engagement through better design.

[13:45] Workshop: Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce

#E-commerce #Design #UX

Together we will redesign lots of examples to improve experience and sales performance. We will look at examples covering common pitfalls and best practice so you can identify and create the elements that deliver a good experience.

Trine Falbe Larsen (DK)

International Business Academy, Lecturer in interaction design, UX and UI design

[10:45] UX Design, User Centric Design - and why it matters to your design process AND your business

#UX #User centered design #User research

Design process with a User Centric mindset to create great user experiences for your users

Vitaly Friedman (DE)

Smashing Magazine, Writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine

[13:45] Workshop: Responsive Web Design (UX Perspective): Clever Tips and Tricks

#Responsive web design #Design trends #Development #UX

In this workshop, Vitaly Friedman will present practical UX techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies one needs to be aware of when working on any responsive design project.

[17:00] Responsive Web Design: Clever Tips and Techniques

#UX #Responsive web design #Mobile

Tips and tricks that you might want to be aware of when working on a new responsive design project

Līga Lētiņa (LV)

Cube Systems, Senior User Experience Architect

[13:45] Workshop: Hands on Usability testing methods

#User testing #Reasearch methods

This workshop will walk through the jungle of different usability and user testing methods, helping to pick the right one for your design process stage

[16:15] Case study: Building an Online Banking User Experience in Latvia

#Case study #UX in Latvia #Reasearch methods

A walkthrough of a UX case study in Latvia. Costs, benefits and lessons learned.

Ramune Norkute (LT)

Idea Code, CEO

[12:00] Case study: UX Methodology Design for Public E-services in Lithuania

#Case study #UX in Lithuania #E-services #Public sector

A case study about the process and results of E-Services UX Methodology development.

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